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Is It Important To Measure PD For Ordering Glasses Online?

Measure Your PD For Ordering Glasses Online

When it comes to ordering eyeglasses online, there are certain specific values that need to be affirmed to complete the process of buying a new pair of prescription specs online.

One of them is the pupillary distance, or PD from eyewear glossary.

What Is Pupillary Distance?

PD is the distance between the optical center of the left pupil to the right one, ensuring the glasses that you eventually purchase host an excellent fit for your face.

This measurement is often dubbed as inevitable, and critical as most online eyewear retail stores would require a PD to proceed with making a pair of specs online.

PD or pupillary distance also heavily affects the accuracy through which your eyeballs gaze into the lenses. It ensures that each eye shares a definite center part of the pupil as a measurement to avoid any point of conflict when looking here and there from lenses.

Measuring PD For Glasses Online!

While optometrists host the responsibility of measuring your PD during an eye test, if they miss out, you can also measure it at home with simple tricks.

Let's learn the right method of measuring your PD for glasses online. This ensures that your eyes align perfectly well with your new pair of prescription eyeglasses, filling the gaps of suffering from any misalignment or vision conflict with ease.

Measure Your PD At Home

The Best Way To Measure Your Pupillary Distance At Home

Measuring pd at home has become a growing practice for its nature of being

downright convenient as well as accurate when it comes to finding the right

optical center. Here's how you can attain the best PD number for both of your

eyes: measurements

Use a ruler powered with mm (millimeter) to measure your PD

​1) Start by arranging a ruler powered in mm. (millimeter)

2) Stand in front of a mirror, or ask a friend to assist you in measuring your PD. Maintain ample distance between the mirror and yourself.

3) Take support from your nose bridge and put the ruler at the center of your left pupil with 0 reading. Measure the distance all the way to the right center of the pupil.

4) Do not move your face or look away. Maintain a stiff posture and obtain the total measurement.

5) Ensure that you consistently measure the distance from one center of the pupil to the other.

6) Repeat this method with guided protocols to obtain a correct PD value.

what to remember?

  • It is advised that you first obtain the PD measurement from your optometrist before getting started with DIY.

  • The average PD in people is 46mm to 76mm

  • If you require additional accuracy in your PD, ask your optometrist or eye exam supervisor to measure your Dual PD.

  • Freeze your eyes while looking into the distance at the time of measuring your PD at home.


The first step towards ordering a new pair of eyeglasses is submitting an accurate PD value. Even the best online eyewear retail stores see it as a stepping stone for delivering new specs.

Once you've obtained your PD number, you can browse from 1000+ frame styles while buying glasses online. With that, you also relish a huge variety of lens coatings to infuse extra protection into your vision.

You can shop from modern, vintage, minimalist, and oversized glasses - the ones that embellish your attendance in your own flavor.

Shop your next pair of specs online for as low as £3.48 to embrace the vision correction that comes with functionality and styles at Goggles4U UK.


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