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Guide To Finding Glasses For Your Face Shape Online

Amid the organized way of ordering specs online, the trickiest part is to get your face shape right. Your face shape is to your glasses what your body measurement is to your new dress. We cannot ignore the intrinsic importance of evaluating a correct face shape.

There is a wide variety of face shapes to look forward to such as heart, round, square, diamond, and oval - each displaying different proportions of width, height, and pointedness. Some face shapes have taller foreheads, and puffy cheeks while others exhibit notable thinness of the chin, making it apparent that determining your face shape is as important as finding the right pair of eyeglasses that fit your persona.

If you're pointy from the forehead, and chin, then you need diamond face shape glasses. Likewise, people whose cheeks, and chins are circular, need eyeglasses for a round face, which sketches out their facial features with notable angularities. Browse our guide to finding glasses for your face shape online where we discuss the most common face shapes and their features with recommendations on spec styles.

Triangle Face shape

1) Triangle Face Shape

The triangle face shape has a wider-than-taller chin and a narrow forehead line. Further, these face dynamics can also exhibit inverted properties: a wide forehead with a narrow chin, which would be an inverted pear shape. The triangle face shape has its bottom part as the widest point and gets narrower going up. This face shape can be pointy and circular with towering cheeks. Here's what you can wear on a triangle face shape.



Round Face Shape

2) Round Face Shape

If you've got a round face then you are up for a treat when it comes to buying glasses online. It hosts the largest variety of frame styles which complements this face shape. It has equal width, and height, especially on its chin and forehead. A round face shape has notable curves on the cheeks, and it can be a little rounded on the forehead. Other than that, this face shape offers the liberty to wear any frame with full spirit.



​Rectangle Glasses

Oval Face Shape

3) Oval Face Shape

Need glasses for an oval face? This face shape is perhaps longer than it is wider with curved chins. From top to bottom, the oval face shape unfurls with the same length and width with cheekbones as its widest point. The oval face shape

has no specific angularities or distinctions when it comes to the forehead and

chin. Further, this face shape is often associated with people having a longer face



Square Face Shape

4) Square Face Shape

The square face shape is uncommon and has straight sides. It also has little to no curve on the chin. The square shape comes with a wider forehead and a slightly sharp jawline. This face shape exhibits an equal area in terms of length and width when it comes to measuring it from top to bottom. It can have cheeks that bulge out due to its real width at the sides.


​Oval Eyeglasses

​Square Glasses

5) Rectangle Face Shape

Rectangle face shape has a distinctive feel to it with being both angular well as broad. Its widest point is the forehead but its got a sharper jawline. The rectangle face shape comes with an equal width of the cheekbones and jawline. It is also accompanied by towering cheeks that make up its vertical sides.

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