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Guide To Cleaning Your Glasses Frames Online!

Guide To Cleaning Your Glasses Frames Online!

Once you've purchased your specs, it becomes inevitable to dedicate time to cleaning your glasses frames. Of course, a pair of prescription eyeglasses is a delicate commodity and requires handling and a considerable amount of care on suitable intermissions.

It helps to erode the smudge, dust, and anything that unwantedly perches on the lens surface.

Here's our guide to seeking the best way to clean spectacles for an impressive longevity of your glasses.


- How often should you clean your glasses frames online?

Despite being scratch-free, 100% durable, and produced out of the best lens manufacturing facility, Goggles4U UK recommends cleaning your eyeglasses once every 2 days to keep the gunk, dust, and other surface-sticking particles at bay. Cleaning your eyeglasses within this intermission saves you from looking through a blurry vision.

As we take our eyeglasses with us everywhere, it's likely that your eyewear lenses catch the remnants of the winter fog, summer sweat that trickles down from your forehead, or the dusty whereabouts you opt for all day long, making it apparent to clean your eyeglasses every 2 days. It also improves the longevity of the lenses since hosting smudge or gunk for long could leave stubborn strains on the lens surface.

- Should you rinse your eyeglasses or use a lens spray while cleaning your glasses frames?

Both are correct. As per lens experts, using lukewarm water produces a significant cleansing effect on the lens surface, as it deforms the rigid dirt layers, unintentional finger marks, and notable gunk highlights off the pair of your eyeglasses in one wash.

Do not dry-wipe your lenses without rinsing them under water as it is not a recommended practice. You may easily cast micro-scratches on the lenses that gradually take down the eyewear efficiency.

Start by rinsing them with water, or douse them with a lens-cleaner for glasses which comes in handy and is safe for your eyewear lenses.

- How should you dry out your lenses while properly cleaning your eyeglasses?

Do not dry-wipe your wet lenses with rough tissues or textured household clothes. Instead, use a lens-friendly fiber cloth to reduce the risk of casting micro-abrasions on your lens surface. Avoid using random household cleaners that contain ammonia since they can significantly damage your lens coating or make it flaky and ineffective over time.


The right pair of eyeglasses isn't just a commodity but an extension of clarity for your eyesight. That's why it is important, and unignorable to care for, and handle your pair of eyeglasses the right way.

Whether they're resting idly on the lounge table after a tiring day, or shelved inside your car's dashboard, our glasses require an extra bit of attention when it comes to blending them with our lifestyle.

Here's how you can handle your glasses in a more mature, organized, and hassle-free way:

- Keep Your Lenses Upward:

The first and foremost aspect of handling your pair of eyeglasses is finding a suitable angle to station them over the table, car's dashboard, or on the long-sprawling bed.

Keep your eyewear lenses in a roof-facing posture. In other words, keep them upward, so that they remain safe against any abrupt movement or mishandling against your eyeglasses.

Use the weight of the temples to stabilize the posture of your eyeglasses while leaving them idle.

- Handle Them With Nose-Bridge

If you've just bought a new pair of glasses and it's already specked with micro-scatches then you should read a tip on how to remove scratches from your prescription glasses.

You can refrain from getting lens scratches by handling your glasses carefully even at the time of cleaning, and that's where most people lack the right principle of doing so.

At the time of spraying your frames with water or the glass cleaner, use the nose bridge of your eyewear to move them around to deeply cleanse the lenses and catch the splash.

This way, you can avoid adding swirling fingerprints on the lenses, or the abrupt slip and slides. You can produce strength in your handling as nose bridges are at the center.


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