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  • Hasnain Raza


Reading has been labeled as one of the most immersive & therapeutic habits that people govern into their minds for pleasure and curiosity. However, what's far more concerning is the disability of human eyesight which is felt as we age to or past 40, making the very element of reading in eyes downsize and retire.

Having a blur vision, a confused scroll of words written on an up-close device or paper could lead us to immense annoyance and disturbance especially if it's found out of nowhere.

Reading offers the right prowess and ability to see things up close, be it the newspaper, tabloid, or reading from a multimedia device.

But the deprivation of carefree reading ability - which in the technical form is "Farsightedness" is a global issue that disables people from catching up with reading the delicately written words and imprints on digital and tangible forums.

The habit of reading has been digitized which has quadrupled the reach of the reading material and so does our time spent reading per day. This is where prescription reading glasses come into play as they save us from spiraling up into random headaches and protect our eyes from losing their intrinsic ability to focus with clarity over time.

Meanwhile, the techno-boom is also solely responsible for letting our eyes over-stress at the time using social media platforms, rejoicing the movie, or simply reading new research off the screens.

By all means, our eyes spend more time today catching up with words, focusing, zooming in, and doing self-elaboration in the digital age than associating themselves with reading a handful of tangible material.

In terms of developing medical coherence, we also find that it’s the vision diagnosis named presbyopia that affects the cornea in such a fashion that it stresses the eyes in tweaking the focus of the vision to the maximum - making it become important and the need of the hour to wear a pair of prescription reading glasses.

The discounted reading frames also support the habit of reading in the dark or low-light setting which enables the cornea to open up a little wider and absorb the blue light to the point where it damages it.

What Are Prescription Reading Glasses?

Prescription reading glasses are a pair empowered with lenses that come with a full-scale magnification area in the field of vision. It means that it cures the deprivation of being "far-sighted" and ensures that you have full ability to reach out to the delicately written imprints, of any sort.

The prescription glasses with reading lenses enable you to retain the powers of scrolling and scanning down the texts placed and held at a relatively shorter distance.

It uses the single vision lens which empowers the "bottom" part with the ability to magnify anything you put your eyes to.

It's safe to say that reading glasses with the rightly prescribed power not only refrain from taking presbyopia any further - it also ensure that your vision is protected from being overloaded by creating sharpness for the objects that come into contact with your eyes.

Although - we can opt for the reading glasses in any frame of your choice. Below is the categorical division of our frame types to add convenience and ease to your online specs shopping experience accordingly.


The full-rim glasses consist of a frame that contains a one-piece design body with the remarkable ability to be highly durable, dual-colored, and so forth. It is usually the most highlighted frame type which is based on full frontal, temples, and hinges. You can get reading glasses made in full-rimmed round, square, rectangle, and oversize frame styles to match your preference.

The half-rimmed glasses consist of frames such as the iconic browline and other styles. It consists of a partial frame boldness that keeps half the part covered in metal or plastic and leaves the other side exposed with just rims. This frame type is also compatible with reading glasses.

The rimless glasses come with a delicate structure without any particular frame material. This frame type is famous for adopting a new level of face invisibility and isn't noticeable for its fragile and delicate shape. It only consists of temples and bridges that are connected to the lenses without any structural stroke.


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