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  • Hasnain Raza


Does it sound like a myth or a manipulated truth from the modern world when it comes to protecting our eyes from digital screen devices? Even the truly best IT companies reckon to take proactive steps while using their vividly coloured smart-screen devices in binge or daily sessions.

It means that some kind of protection is required and has a value proposition in a world where computers, mobile phones, laptops, and other digital devices have become a massive dependence to succeed. Read more on Blue Light Glasses and how to render a platform for safer digital screen time for everyone without hurting the intrinsic quality of your eyes.

Blue Light Glasses - The Culprit In The Digital Screens

Blue light does not necessitate full-fledged damage to your eyes. Wait. We'll prove it to you. It helps in restoring the sleep essence at night and keeps us active while we're embroiled in work in the late hours.

There are certain wavelengths that make up the blue light really "blue" and in the same prevailing sense - disruptive, cruel, damaging, and gruesome for our vision.

Blue light is dispersed from all digital screens regardless of their high-end promised quality or proactive consideration in downsizing the eye damage.

The real trouble begins when this light gets shot from the range of 415 to 455 NM, leaving a drastic negative impact on the intrinsic potential of the eyes i.e. readiness and telescoping far-sighted objects.

In turn, the blue-light-blocking glasses ensure that the 24/7 protection is laid out around your eyes for better vision stability.

"We've been divided into a range of social and professional roles that decide our unique interaction with technology. In the same perspective - let's explore the full list of individuals who can acquire safer digital screen time by wearing blue light protection glasses."


Despite the use of sleek and proactively engineered screens - the working men and women spend a considerable time on their innovatively built gadgets such as computers, laptops, tablets, etc. Blue light glasses help both in getting caught up with a digital eye strain or the loss of visual performance from the eyes.


The gaming consoles have become a post-exam gift for every teenager which demands a bargain into the longer flights of gaming and remaining glued up to the digital screen. This way - we can help teenagers stay protected during their binge gaming. After all, their hard-earned entertainment shouldn't come with a silver lining, right?

From the point of pandemic - we've been given more time to spend indoors and less time outdoors. It naively corresponds to the requirement of using more digital screen devices especially for adults of the family. The blue-light glasses can be an advantageous source of stopping their vision from getting damaged any further.


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