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Acetate or Metal Glasses? The Right Frame Material Online!

A question that gets asked around whenever we're on the verge to buy eyeglasses online is - which frame material would you choose: acetate eyeglasses or metal glasses? It's because the significance of scoring big in choosing a suitable frame material is huge and just like styles, pricing, and frame type - having a frame that interacts nicely with your face skin results in longer spans of comfort, and adaptability.

Off-course, stakes are high for anyone ordering prescription glasses online for the first time, and an expert advisory on the pros and cons of choosing a frame material comes in handy for a certain individual. Problems like face allergy, frame weightedness, and second-rate frame durability could jeopardize anyone buying glasses online.

As innovation skyrockets in frame-manufacturing technology - we now have tons of frame materials stemming from high-quality plastics and metals such as Titanium, TR90, Stainless Steel, and Acetate. Still, it comes down to independent research + personal preference to order glasses with the most suitable frame material for their use.

While it's imperative to choose the right frame material - at the same time - we have eyewear stores that baffle customers with wide-ranging verdicts and do not properly answer this query with singularity. Here's our simple, decision-led guide to buying the right frame material with a special focus on choosing the acetate material glasses or metal frames online without letting readers enter the second thought.

What Does Frame Material Tell Us?

Whether it's the cheap discounted metal frame or the high-quality acetate - inspecting the frame material speaks volumes about the interaction of the overall physicality of the frame with our face skin. From comfort to adaptability to long-term durability, it is inevitable to find the right frame material to have a pleasant experience of wearing eyeglasses. The frame material sheds light on the elements used to manufacture a certain pair of glasses.

For example, acetate offers a plastic molding technology that enables manufacturers to build 100+ styles and colors without losing quality whereas metal frames are first electrically heated and cut out from the metal sheets to maintain their thickness.

Altogether, both frame materials are famous for providing individuals with a series of benefits that make them choose their preferred pair of glasses accordingly. Understanding your frame material is as important as its styles and frame type - knowing that it unpacks the high-value aspects of buying a certain frame material.

Acetate Eyeglasses - The Marvel of Plastic Perfection

Acetate eyeglasses have revolutionized and redefined the way eyeglasses are manufactured - today. Their high level of intrinsic flexibility and liberty of shading them with a variety of hues has put a dint on the landscape of eyewear manufacturing.

Made with cotton plants, and cellulose in particular - the acetate glasses are cut out in accurate shapes and sizes from large-scale plastic blocks. In fact, they can also be manufactured using the highly successful plastic-molding technology to re-bend them into shape.

It is one of the most popular frame materials with global traction for colors, and comfort. Further, these plastic frame glasses offer a new take on face adaptability and are hypoallergenic which means that acetate eyeglasses are free from allergies and reactions.

The acetate material glasses offer a heap of benefits for glass wearers, including but not limited to:

1) 1000+ colors and styles

2) Dual-pattern color schemes

3) Ultra face comfort

4) Hypoallergenic

5) Soft and comfy

6) Nickle-free

7) Solid durability

Additional Information:

Since plastic is the main source behind the manufacturing of acetate glasses, there are a few other frame materials that stem from the same material, including TR90 and TR100.

Both leverage the glass wearers by being lightweight and consistently comfortable for prolonged use of eyeglasses. You can find tons of new nose-bridge styles when it comes to acetate glasses, including Saddle, and Keyhole for added face grip, comfort, and the feel-good eyewear experience.

Minimalist & Maverick - The Metal Glasses Online

Buying metal glasses online is a wise decision - based on their multiplicity of styles, and frame types. You can find 1000+ metal-made glasses with ultra sleekness and oversized persona - to be in the eyewear trend game forever. The metal glasses offer a new take on the manufacturing of eyeglasses with added sleekness, comfort, and maintaining durability, altogether.

Over the years, we've seen a paradigm shift in the manufacturing of such glasses with their new variants that are already out in the market, making waves for their surprising thinness. You can find titanium, and aluminum frames stemming from the metal material.

Titanium is light in weight while aluminum is considered a backbone for manufacturing sports eyeglasses that are also known as wrap-around for their great resistance to corrosion and a sweat-free body that does not itch or make eyeglasses slip from the visage, especially after prolonged use with all the bits and bobs.

The metal glasses clutch more on durability than style, and comfort than weightiness. The following are the benefits of wearing metal-made frames:

1) Silver, Black, and Golden colors

2) Minimalist shapes and styles

3) Ultra face comfort

4) Corrosion-free

5) Sweat-proof for sports

6) Sleek & lightweight

7) Solid durability

8) Best face grip

7) Oversized and Geometrical Shapes


The cheap metal eyeglass frames that are available online at half the price - can also be stainless steel, which is another gifted frame material stemming from the metal frame material but with added features.

It is lighter, and more durable than its variants, providing a great combination of durability, comfort, and light weightedness for glass wearers.

Finding metal frames online is a highly accessible thing - considering that it takes mechanical heating to mold them into any shape or style. Metal frames share a great chunk of legacy for their prolonged use from the A-list celebrities, whether it be Tom Cruise wearing pilot glasses in his cameo or Daniel Radcliff in the chart-topping novel-turned-movie: Harry Potter.

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